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Emotions, Energy and Disease

Did you know that emotions can create biochemical processes in the human body that disrupt health and end up manifesting themselves in physical illnesses?



The inner pain we feel comes from past emotions that are contained in our body and mind. They are stuck energies that remain inscribed in our nervous system and do not allow us to prosper as we would like, or to realize our purpose in life.


Almost all physical and mental illnesses caused are by negative emotional marks that are not released at the time. These illnesses, excluding those of genetic origin or deterioration due to age, are messages from our body revealing to us that it cannot and does not want to continue in this way. If we do not pay attention to the signs, our ailments will become more complicated until they turn into serious conditions.


Is money more important than happiness?


We live emotionally in a time of great pressure, stress, and an upbringing that teaches us to be more profitable than happy. This makes us see our emotions as negative and even as a sign of sensitivity, causing us to deny and silence our emotions, so that the energy of these emotions is in a conscious and subconscious mind, shitting with problems that we do not know where they come from and engendering psychosomatic diseases.




Holistic medicine’s approach to our health and emotions


Holistic medicine conceives that energy enters the body through the air, sun and food.


This energy enables us, on the one hand, to carry out physical, emotional and mental operations. On the other hand, it allows the cells to regenerate properly.


When an emotional impact such as a conflict, upset, sadness, or fear happens, if it is not released immediately by talking, shouting or crying, a stagnation of energy occurs, the meridians are obstructed and the energy becomes matter which causes an energetic blockage.


What are energetic blockages and which are the most common?


Energetic blockages have both physical and emotional repercussions. At the physical level, a blockage generates a pressure on the organs and absorbs their energy. On an emotional level, the person moves away from who he/she really is and this leads to the origin of different types of phobias.


Communication blockage: It is formed in the neck and is caused by not expressing feelings verbally. Physically it affects the immune system (thyroid and thymus glands). Emotionally, it causes insecurity and lack of self-esteem.


Plexus blockage: It is formed in the plexus by the accumulation of anguish and anxiety. Physically, it causes respiratory problems (asthma) and skin problems (allergies). Emotionally, it alters the nervous system.


Impotence blockage: It originates in the kidneys and is related to fear, impotence regarding emotional issues. It weakens and inflames the lower back, creating difficulties in the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder. The kidney stops producing vital energy and this manifests itself in a feeling of tiredness, feelings of cowardice, lack of joy and illusions.


Having an energetic blockage is like being trapped in a loop of beliefs and appearances, disconnecting yourself each day from your magnificence by living in the suffering of what you could be.



Nature, exercise and energetic balance


The connection with natural environments can be ideal to prevent energetic blockages. Under this order of ideas, physical exercise is also a tool to prevent them.


A walk in any natural environment connects us with the high vibrational energy of nature and, without realizing it, we resonate with this frequency generating thoughts and emotions of tranquility, satisfaction, freedom, peace and harmony, producing these feelings the segregation of healthy chemicals.


We must be constantly observing the quality of our thoughts and emotions to produce high quality vibrational frequencies, thus obtaining a full quality of life.

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