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Functional Medicine in Telemedicine

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This has been one of the best tools that I have been able to take advantage of in recent years: Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the provision of health services at a distance, using information and communication technologies (ICT). This may include medical consultations, follow-up visits, health education, and diagnostic testing.

Functional Medicine is a holistic approach to health that focuses on the root of health problems. This approach requires an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan.


Functional Medicine


Telemedicine can help functional doctors provide more personalized and effective care to their patients. This is possible thanks to the following advantages:

  • Access: Telemedicine allows functional doctors to care for patients in remote or isolated areas.


  • Flexibility: Telemedicine allows patients to receive medical care at a time that is most convenient for them.


  • Efficiency: Telemedicine can help reduce healthcare costs.


How telemedicine can improve Functional Medicine

Telemedicine can enhance Functional Medicine in several ways.

  • Enables more accurate diagnosis: Telemedicine can help functional doctors gather more detailed information about their patients, which can lead to a more accurate diagnosis.


  • Facilitates patient follow-up: Telemedicine allows functional doctors to carry out follow-up visits with their patients without the need for them to travel to their office.


  • Improves health education: Telemedicine can be used to provide health education to patients, which can help improve their health and well-being.


The antioxidant scanner and telemedicine

The antioxidant scan is a diagnostic tool that can help evaluate a patient’s antioxidant status. Antioxidants are molecules that help protect cells from damage. When antioxidant levels are low, you are more susceptible to cellular damage, which can contribute to a number of health problems, including insomnia.

Telemedicine is a valuable tool that can help improve Functional Medicine. Combining telemedicine with antioxidant scanning can provide more personalized and effective care for patients.


Functional Medicine continues to grow today for the results it offers in its comprehensive treatment, in Functional Wellness Network we know its capacity for action and its results and, therefore, we are constantly documenting cases and innovative processes in Functional Medicine. Functional Wellness Network is a network of health professionals who provide advisory services to medical centers.

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