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As co-founder of Functional Wellness Network I know all too well that physicians and pharmacists interested in side jobs, I see the reasons for this on a daily basis. A few years ago, if someone asked me if a pharmacist needed a side job, my answer would have been, “No, but there are some benefits worth pursuing.”



Today, however, I am forced to pause and consider how to answer the question. While I continue to believe that pharmacists can achieve significant financial success in medicine without side jobs and that side jobs are not for everyone, I also know how important secondary sources of income can be in helping to shape the medical career that pharmacists desire.

Side jobs offer options and advantages. They are also the tools pharmacists need to fight short-sighted decisions in a healthcare system plagued by problems that compromise quality of care and threaten the longevity of the profession.

While many pharmacists continue to cite traditional reasons for pursuing side jobs, such as coping with student loan debt, enjoying a hobby outside of medicine or wanting something extra to spend money on, the main reasons I increasingly hear are the need to leave clinical pharmacy, create financial freedom or get away from bad situations.

Ultimately, this desire is driven by the worsening conditions for pharmacists within the healthcare ecosystem and diminishing faith in the system as a whole. Because of the trend toward devaluing experience and time in pharmacy, pharmacists increasingly see the need to seek financial security in another line of work.

This is particularly true for those who are recent pharmacy school graduates or who have been working in pharmacy for less than 5 years. Although there may be some initial financial cost to doing secondary work, such as investing in new equipment or materials, the long-term benefits may be worth it for many pharmacists.

Pharmacists have been struggling with pay cuts, being asked to make personal sacrifices, increased workload without significant appreciation or compensation, and staffing shortages, among other problems. This has been especially true in recent years, as burnout has become a major problem even before the pandemic began. Despite being called “healthcare heroes” since the beginning of the pandemic, pharmacy workers have borne an immense burden without receiving commensurate recognition or reward.



The healthcare system has come to rely on the altruism of pharmacists and other medical professionals in order to function. Pharmacists rarely unionize or go on strike, and generally refuse to compromise patient care as a bargaining chip. As a result, pharmacy workers have been complacent, until now.

The current situation has made it impossible for pharmacies to operate without addressing the needs of their employees. With pharmacy workers at the breaking point, it is time for real reform that recognizes and values the crucial role these professionals play in our society.


Some of the options we offer at FWN


1. Nutribiotest Rep


Imagine a world where you could make money while doing something that improves lives—represenatives. As arep, your goal is always to find new ways of delivering health care and pharmaceutical services in order for people everywhere to have access from one of the latest technology in the healthcare industry that FWN has to offer.


2. Functional medicine private practice set up


Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that allows physicians the flexibility and autonomy they need while still providing patient-centric care. This has been shown in recent years with more people flocking into private practices where their doctors can provide individualized treatments based on age, lifestyle habits like smoking or exercising regularly as well medication preferences instead of pressing ” Random.”


3. Business coach for pharmacy


We strive to offer you a uniquely tailored approach by which we can help continuously improve your operational efficiency, financial performance and patient care. Our coaches are trusted advisors who know exactly what it means be independent in business; they’ll provide guidance based on the best practices among similar types of stores.



4. Independent pharmacy cash income consultant


We all know the importance of a successful retail pharmacy. The right advice from an experienced team can ensure your new business success and help you avoid costly mistakes that could put off potential customers for years to come!

Fwn’s expert coaches are professional, licensed experts with well-experience in opening pharmacies – they’ll advise on every detail about how best run this crucial aspect of independent healthcare ownership today’s tough landscape


5. Professional grade supplement advocate


Professional-grade supplements are the best choice for those who have allergies and want to be hypoallergenic. These high quality products will not contain any toxins, harmful lubricants or additives that may cause an adverse reaction in your body.



Dr. Mansi Shah

Functional Wellness Network

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