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How does the digestive system influence our emotions?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that transmits signals between neurons regulating their intensity. It is considered the hormone of happiness. Its production takes place mainly in the digestive system.



Emotional state and nutrition


When our mood is not the best, many times our body asks us to eat sweets or other unhealthy foods. We think that at that moment that is what we need. But it is not so. Our mental health starts by taking care of what we eat. If we don’t have a good belly, our mood will notice it.

The digestive tract contains 100 million neurons that regulate the intestinal tract. These neurons together with the nerves control movements of the intestine, the secretion of digestive substances or the blood flow in this part of our body. Therefore, we can consider this area as our second brain. Our emotions or thoughts are communicated with the intestine.



Why do emotions affect our digestive system?


Just like food, emotions have to be processed, digested, taking advantage of what is useful from them and eliminating the things that are not useful to us.

When this does not happen, diseases such as gastritis, colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, among others, arise.

Emotions will always cause an organic affectation in our body.

It is therefore advisable not to repress emotions.

Again, like food, each person has different times to digest them. Likewise, emotions should not be repressed but expressed, digested, and in all cases the way they are expressed is different.

Some people cry, others laugh, the important thing is not how it is done, the important thing is the honesty with which you deal with your emotions and get them out of your system so that you do not cause yourself harm.



Eating habits to take care of our “two brains”.


It never hurts to regulate our eating habits from time to time. A first measure could be to take a break from wheat, sugar, dairy products or alcohol for a while.

In addition, foods such as avocado, bananas, nuts, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, eggs or chicken are beneficial.

The basis of our mental health is to move more and eat healthy. We should eat fresh products and avoid packaged ones.

Sport, relaxation, sleeping eight hours… all these habits help to complete the magic formula.

In short, if our mood is not good, we will have to analyze how our stomach is. First of all, we should start with healthy lifestyle habits and taking a look at our fridge. Surely with this, our mood will thank us.



Dr. Mansi Shah
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