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Promoting Active Patient Engagement in Functional Medicine.


Functional Medicine, as a holistic approach to healthcare, places strong emphasis on active patient participation in their treatment plan. This active engagement not only involves adherence to medical recommendations but also a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of Functional Medicine and making informed decisions about one’s health.


To foster active patient participation, various evidence-backed tools and strategies can be implemented:



Education and Empowerment:
Providing clear and understandable information about Functional Medicine, explaining its principles and objectives. This empowers patients to comprehend the relationship between their lifestyle, diet, stress, and their health, enabling them to make informed decisions.


Motivational Interviews:
Utilizing motivational interviewing techniques to explore patients’ goals and values. This not only aids in understanding their motivations but also identifies potential barriers and facilitates the development of strategies to overcome them.


Symptom Tracking and Health Journal:
Encouraging patients to maintain a daily record of their symptoms, as well as changes in diet, exercise, and sleep quality. This record provides valuable information to adjust the treatment plan based on individual responses.


Personalized Action Plans:
Collaborate closely with the patient to develop personalized action plans. These plans should be adaptable to individual needs and goals, incorporating specific strategies to address triggers identified during functional assessment.


Setting Realistic Goals:
Work together to establish realistic and achievable goals. Breaking these goals into smaller, manageable steps facilitates progress and allows for the celebration of achievements, thereby maintaining patient motivation.


Continual Support:
Provide a system of ongoing support through regular consultations, follow-ups, and access to additional resources such as support groups or educational materials. Continuous connection reinforces the patient’s significance in their treatment process.


Technology and Applications:
Recommend applications and technological tools to facilitate progress tracking, such as diet apps, sleep monitoring, and medication reminders. These tools can enhance patient self-management.


Open Communication:
Encourage open and transparent communication between the patient and the healthcare team. This involves the patient’s ability to express concerns while the medical team responds with clear and understandable answers.


Collaborative Treatment Approaches:
Actively involve the patient in decision-making related to their treatment. Explaining available options and potential outcomes allows the patient to feel an integral part of the process.


Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
Promote collaboration among different healthcare professionals, such as nutritionists, therapists, and trainers. This comprehensive approach addresses various aspects of the patient’s health.


Continuing Education:
Providing opportunities for ongoing education, allowing patients to stay informed about new developments and approaches in Functional Medicine. An informed patient is better equipped to make conscious decisions about their health.


Together, these tools and strategies form a comprehensive approach to active patient engagement in Functional Medicine. This model not only addresses symptoms and diseases but empowers individuals to take an active role in their well-being and healing process.


In our commitment to empowering patients on their journey to holistic health, we recognize the dynamic nature of Functional Medicine and its holistic approach.


At Functional Wellness Network, we have explored practical tools and strategies to achieve active patient participation in their treatment plan, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals.


We invite you to join our participative community. Explore educational resources, virtual seminars, and online events designed to enhance your understanding of Functional Medicine. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable and updated information that will guide you towards lasting well-being.


Stay connected with us, as your health is our top priority. We appreciate your participation and trust in Functional Wellness Network as your reliable source on the path to a healthy and balanced life.



Dr. Kent Nelson
Functional Wellness Network


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