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Why should you adopt the functional approach?

Are you feeling burned out in your current position? You are definitely not alone. Research shows that more than 50% of physicians currently suffer from fatigue, and some literature indicates even higher numbers, up to 80% of the physician population. It makes sense: if you were a physician, you would likely have to deal with a large number of patients, long work hours and many other stresses in today’s health care system.


We all want meaningful and rewarding work. In your case, you want this work to include helping your clients and patients find health, but your current role undermines your ability to do so.



Functional medicine allows you to find the root cause of your patient’s fears, to help them truly heal and make lasting, positive change in their life. In addition, functional medicine embraces a collaborative model of care to provide you and your clients with additional levels of support and create a better, more satisfying work environment.


What is functional medicine


Functional medicine, like integrative medicine, no longer looks at the individual from the perspective of disease, one does not ask if they are sick, but rather how they can improve their state of health by providing the body with the necessary elements and reducing the excesses that can harm it.


This new paradigm implies greater participation on the part of the patient, who must be aware that the system must cover ideal needs to carry out its functions optimally, and when it does not obtain what is necessary, it is easier for the disease to settle and develop.



How does functional medicine help patients?


Functional medicine has gained popularity over the years because of how it has helped many patients live a better quality of life. This practice emphasizes the use of various diagnostic techniques and laboratory technologies to give patients a clear picture of what they have.


It focuses on the use of a combination of general wellness, supplements, exercise regimens, nutritional plans, detoxification techniques and stress management strategies that treat disease and prevent further complications through proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.


Functional medicine aims to eliminate the notion that disease can only be prevented through the prolonged use of medications. Instead, it promotes an approach that focuses on long-term healing and wellness.


Why are more and more pharmacists using functional medicine?


Over the years, pharmacists have begun to use functional medicine as part of their practice. In fact, functional medicine pharmacists play an important role in the proper implementation of functional medicine, as they can ensure the best outcome of a patient’s treatment plan through functional care.


Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine allows pharmacists to expand their role as consultants and advise patients when they visit a pharmacy. Pharmacists can spend more time with patients and provide more personalized service where they can consult on their medication adherence, whether they are following lifestyle change recommendations and more. Life and how they approach their treatment plan.


This helps pharmacists fulfill their role as part of the healthcare team, which is often overlooked and overpowered by physicians and nurses.



Why should pharmacy owners include functional medicine in their pharmacy?


As more functional medicine pharmacists begin to appreciate the value of functional medicine to their practice, pharmacy owners should also begin to incorporate this into their pharmacies to offer a more comprehensive service to their customers.


As one of the healthcare providers of functional medicine, pharmacies are considered to be at the forefront of ensuring that functional medicine is properly implemented to maximize its benefits and promote a healthier lifestyle for patients.



Dr. Mansi Shah

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