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Food as medicine: Fill your plates with health!

Food has proven to be more effective than drugs in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. What if from now on you were prescribed spinach?

A balanced diet is the foundation of iron health: it keeps your heart strong, your defenses in shape and your weight in check. And it’s not difficult. You just have to say goodbye to fast food, rescue the recipes of the Mediterranean diet and fill your fridge with “medicine” foods.



The basics of nutrition

It consists of providing our body with as much fresh food as possible, free of chemicals and preservatives, avoiding processed foods at all costs. These noble foods are considered rich in vitamins and minerals, and as a consequence are the ones that will give us vitality and energy. In this regard, it should be noted that:


  • Vegetables should be carefully cooked to preserve enzymes, vitamins and all their properties.


  • People should eat according to their particular constitution, remembering that there are great differences between us and what for some is a balm, for others is a poison.


  • The largest intakes should be distributed during the first half of the day (breakfast and lunch), since this is the time when we have the greatest digestive capacity.


  • Legumes and grains should be soaked and cooked properly, in order to facilitate their digestion.


  • A healthy diet is not only the pillar for optimal health, but it is also crucial for physical and mental exercise, as well as for a good night’s rest.



Be careful with…

  • SUGAR. The WHO establishes a maximum of 50 grams per day. But do not trust, because much of the sugar we consume is hidden in processed foods such as ketchup, soft drinks or breakfast cereals.


  • SALT. In the United States, people ingest an average of 9.8 g of salt per day per capita, twice the recommended healthy amount. Too much salt harms cardiovascular health, causes hypertension and increases cardiovascular risk.


  • PROCESSED CONVENIENCE FOODS. Avoid cookies, snacks, sugary drinks and industrial sauces, all of which are high in salt, sugar and fat.


  • FAST FOOD AND SAUSAGES. They are high in salt and saturated fats that can cause obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension.


Chinese dietetics

Traditional Chinese Medicine not only views nutrition as a breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates (sugars) and fats. Chinese dietetics uses the flavors and nature of foods as a guide for a properly balanced and personalized diet. Learning to use nature, food flavors and herbs is really the key to its therapeutic ability.

From now on you know that to have energy in your day to day life you have to fill your plate with multicolored vegetables, variety of flavors, and garnish it all with joy and movement!

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