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Functional Medicine in Major Public Health

How The Functional Medicine Validates the Approach to Treating Chronic Conditions to Major Public Health

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During one of my talks with my colleagues at Functional Wellness Network I have realized the coverage that Functional Medicine has had in recent years and its effectiveness in elderly patients. Functional Medicine is more effective in the elderly population because it gives a greater scope in the clinical study of the patient. In this article I want to talk about how Functional Medicine is much more effective in older patients than Conventional Medicine.

We all get older and that is not bad, it is part of life. The important thing is to know how to enjoy those golden years after fulfilling all your responsibilities. That is why it is important to have good habits to stay healthy, practice a sport or exercise, a healthy diet and stay active. And most important of all keep in close contact with health professionals to monitor your health status.


Functional Medicine in Major Public Health


Recent studies by the Institute for Functional Medicine have shown that intensive lifestyle interventions in the elderly can prevent the progression and complications of Type II diabetes, improve cognitive function in people with Alzheimer’s disease, reduce the risk of falls in people with osteoporosis and improve quality of life in people with chronic diseases. Symptoms can go beyond what conventional medicine can reach, a team of health professionals can find a more accurate diagnosis to the root problem. Thanks to Functional Medicine it is possible to intervene in the causes of the disease in a preventive way.

Functional Medicine is a simple but effective solution. Its clinically verified methods and its reach around the country have proven that it can enable a better performance in the lives of the elderly population. One of the best measures to improve our health is to eat healthy and to do this we must have a quantity of antioxidants in the diet, I learned this over the years of health exercise and have found that the most effective way is with the antioxidant scanner. One of the most useful tools in offices to evaluate the level of antioxidants in the blood. Maintaining these levels helps us to live a healthier life or prevent a disease resulting from an abnormal level of antioxidants.


Functional Medicine continues to grow today for the results it offers in its comprehensive treatment, in Functional Wellness Network we know its capacity for action and its results and, therefore, we are constantly documenting cases and innovative processes in Functional Medicine. Functional Wellness Network is a network of health professionals who provide advisory services to medical centers.


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