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The Rise of Functional Medicine

The Rise of Functional Medicine: What You Need to Know

Hello everyone, here again your favorite health professional! I hope you are well and in good shape. This week I have found myself a bit busy with projects and new clients, but I never miss the opportunity to write you our weekly blog where we offer you all kinds of important information from the world of Functional Medicine. In this article I would like to explain how Functional Medicine has emerged through the need for overall wellness and how it has revolutionized holistic health.


I will give a short overview about Functional Medicine: It is the comprehensive treatment of the patient, a complete evaluation beyond the diagnosis allows us health professionals to obtain a more accurate result of the causes of your disease. This ranges from your clinical findings to your diet and habits. One of my favorite parts of this modality is getting to know the patient in a more personal and human way. Commonly diseases do not come from a single cause, but from multiple causes and detecting them with conventional medicine can be counterproductive when the medical case is more complex.


Functional Medicine in Action!


This had been studied since 1990, when a group of researchers and health educators in British Columbia looked beyond conventional diagnosis. They were in search of a healthcare system capable of preventing and treating chronic disease, merging the historical models of pharmaceutical care with the advances in science of the time. It was a far-fetched idea that generated debates in health centers, the questions were: How did this really benefit the patient? How much data was really important for effective diagnosis?


All these revolutionary ideas were merged in subsequent meetings that brought to debate how to project this integral method to the health centers. In 1991 the Institute for Functional Medicine was founded in the Pacific Northwest to develop the definitive clinical model that could apply this concept to patient care. This was something new that had a lot of potential and demonstrated within a few years the benefits of comprehensive patient care. It was more important to find the root of the problem than the traditional processes of patient diagnosis.


The evidence of its effectiveness in the recovery of patients has come with the practice of Functional Medicine, it was a matter of time to demonstrate that this system was more beneficial to the patient than their healing process with Conventional Medicine. I am impressed by the boom that takes today Functional Medicine, in the years practicing as a health professional I have seen how the most complex pathologies could be solved with more appropriate food or a treatment totally unrelated to conventional treatment.


Functional Medicine continues to grow today by the results offered in its comprehensive treatment, in Functional Wellness Network we know its capacity for action and its results and, therefore, we are in the constant documentation of cases and innovative processes in Functional Medicine. Functional Wellness Network is a network of health professionals who provide advisory services to clinical centers.


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Dr. Mansi Shah
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