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Should you do sports if you have heart problems?

Physical exercises help to improve our health and should not be left aside, even when it may seem difficult to do them.



Exercising moderately helps; but if you suffer from heart problems you must take into account two types of exercises: those that are focused on developing muscle mass and those that serve to lower cholesterol in our body, and in your case focus on the second type.

False beliefs associated with heart problems

Our society lives with many false beliefs associated with the field of health. From the fact that neurons do not regenerate to the myth that eating an apple a day keeps us healthy, to the myth that crunching our fingers causes arthritis. Today we are going to attack another fallacy that has been passed down from generation to generation: people with heart problems cannot do sports.

Today, it has been scientifically proven that sport is not incompatible with heart problems. Moreover, as long as it is under medical supervision, it is advisable and can even be beneficial for our ailment.

Obviously, if we suffer from a heart problem, the practice of intense physical exercise could lead to major problems. Hence the importance of visiting a cardiology specialist to evaluate our health and to tell us what activities we can do.



Sports for heart problems

In general, the most advisable sports for people with heart problems are the following:


It is one of the simplest sports, but it has no less benefits. Walking 20 to 30 minutes a day, at a moderate pace and intensity, we strengthen our heart, prevent cardiovascular diseases, tone the body and lower cholesterol.


Riding a bicycle under medical supervision is also not contraindicated with heart problems. Neither is static cycling nor going for a walk. Its benefits? It prevents osteoarthritis, improves muscle tone, helps to lose weight… The list is very long. It only takes 15 minutes of pedaling to generate a positive effect on our body.


Swimming is considered one of the best sports for our heart because it is especially beneficial for breathing control. It is important to maintain an even pace, without rushing, and that the water is not cold.


These two disciplines are among the most recommended for people with heart problems. They allow us to channel energy by keeping stress levels low and helping to control breathing. All this translates into an improvement of our circulation and consequently our heart health.


Dancing is one of those activities that we usually do for pleasure, but has multiple health benefits. Dancing can be an alternative to other physical exercises for those people who because of their heart problems do not want or cannot do any other activity. Among its benefits is the increase of aerobic capacity, better resistance or more flexibility.

It is proven that small interventions in our lifestyle can generate big changes, even in those people who already have heart problems or any other ailment.



But don’t forget, the most important thing is to consult your doctor before starting any physical activity, he/she is the only person who can tell you if you are fit or not.

So now you know …. Just start!

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