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What are and how to identify Energetic Blockages?

Let’s start by defining what energetic blockages are in order to understand how important they are for the correct functioning of our body and how to identify the symptoms that manifest themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.



What are energetic blockages?


Energetic blockages are specific points that obstruct the flow of energy, hindering your energetic vortexes, i.e. the chakras. These energetic blockages are caused by emotions and feelings that we repress throughout our lives. They manifest physically affecting our health and behavior and even affect the way people perceive our presence. When we experience pain, anger and low emotions our chakras are blocked acting as a protection system that affects our health.


Understanding that these negative emotions affect us is an important part of eliminating and not allowing the blockages to manifest in order to maintain the proper functioning of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.



How to identify energetic blockages: Symptoms and Chakras

First Chakra: located at the base of the spine. This chakra when blocked causes feelings of fear, lack of energy and depression.

Second chakra: located at the level of the reproductive organs, when blocked. It can cause excessive sexual desire or inhibition, emotional instability and insensitivity, difficulty in feeling and giving love, emotional isolation.

Third chakra: located at the navel, this chakra when blocked. It can lead to extreme anger. Nervous ulcers and inability to relax, tendency to have difficulty feeling, you do not accept yourself as you are and you stop caring about your health, a total disinterest in yourself and others.

Fourth chakra: located in the cardiac region, being blocked you are not able to love without expecting anything in return, you have a wrong idea of life and everyone opposes your will, you enter into despair, indifference, rejection and selfishness.

Fifth chakra: located in the throat, this chakra being blocked, you feel that you can not take charge of your life, that communication does not flow, you are frustrated, you start to use negative words.

Sixth chakra: located between the eyebrows. This chakra being blocked, you feel that you are confused, ideas do not flow, you are frustrated, you go into depression.

Seventh chakra: located a few millimeters above the head. When blocked, you feel mental confusion, difficulty learning, you feel anger for not being connected with your inner self.



Have you had or do you have any of these symptoms?


Remember that knowing each of these symptoms is very important to eradicate them, in the practice of Reiki it is fundamental to eliminate the energetic blockages, but first you have to understand them in a personal way, connecting with your inner self and then overcome them to reach a state of peace and universal harmony.

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