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Optimism VS Pessimism, which one do you identify with?

Optimism goes beyond simple positive thinking, it is a lifestyle. Pessimism, on the other hand, is an attitude that permeates our state of mind, but can help us to make assertive decisions.



To have an optimistic vision is to possess a disposition or tendency to look at the most favorable aspect of events and to expect the most advantageous result from it. Pessimism is the opposite, highlighting the negative side of events. Invariably, we have been driven at some time by one of these feelings, the posture we assume most often denotes the way we face our day-to-day life.


Optimism VS pessimism


Pessimistic people think that bad events are permanent, so positive moments are fortuitous. This type of person usually assigns blame for unpleasant events or will blame himself. In face-to-face encounters with a new subject, unlike optimists, pessimists gather as much information as possible from the individual by not being concerned with making a good impression.


Optimism, rather than smiling from ear to ear and appearing naïve all the time, appeals to feeling in harmony and not allowing oneself to be depressed by events caused by third parties. Sometimes you have to look at things from an impartial, serious, analytical point of view, to make objective determinations, decisions will not always satisfy everyone equally.


Going through life with a pessimist can be quite depressing. If you do not take responsibility for the things that happen to you, you will not be able to grow, evolve and become a better being. Obviously, some things will not really be in your control, but everything will be determined by how you react to it.



Which side do you consider yourself on?

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